A study highlights 13 Characteristics of an Intelligent Systems Future

Wind River research recently conducted a study examining the technology characteristics roadmap for a mission-critical intelligent systems world. The study named, “13 Characteristics of an Intelligent Systems Future,” predicts that success depends on properly timing the implementation of 13 key intelligent system characteristics that support a rapidly evolving intelligent systems machine economy.

The highlights of the study are presented below:

  • By 2030, $7 trillion of the U.S. economy will be driven by the machine economy, in which systems and business models increasingly engage in unlocking the power of data and new technology platforms.
  • This rise of machine economy will be fuelled by the growth of 5G, AI, automation, and cloud native technologies, as well as an increasing intersection of IoT and the edge. This potent combination has opened up new possibilities for far edge applications such as robotics, drones, telemedicine, and autonomous vehicles

13 Key Intelligent Systems Characteristics

  • Ability to simulate and emulate in near real time
  • Automated learning and machine learning functionalities
  • Digital feedback loops that influence product development
  • Action based on sensory data and algorithms
  • Customized device experience in the cloud
  • True compute on the far edge
  • Adapting tasks based on reprogramming via cloud
  • Ability to predict stresses and failures
  • Detection and resolution of events
  • Total automation
  • Near-real-time, seamless connections across multiple ecosystems
  • Real-time collaborative workflow platform
  • Experimenting as a learning system

The study indicates that these characteristics are core needs on which longer-term success is dependent. Without these, it would not be possible to build all the remaining characteristics and achieve success.a

More details are available at www.windriver.com/intelligent-systems.


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