REE Automotive showcases three fully modular, next-generation EV platforms

REE Automotive showcased three prototypes of its next-generation EV platforms. The platforms are based on the advanced REEcorner module which utilizes full X-by-Wire technology for steering, braking and drive all in the arch of the wheel. In addition, the platforms named P1, P2 and P4 are completely flat – offering customers the freedom to place any shape or size of body design on top.

The P1 platform of up to 1.3-ton GVW is geared for LSV last-mile inner-city delivery applications. The P2 platform scales up to 2.5-tons GVW and is designed to transport passengers and cargo. TheP4 platform offers up to 4.5-tons GVW and is uniquely built for the North American market delivery segment.

Some of the features of the platforms

  • REE’s modular platform technology enables customers to choose the size that perfectly suits their vehicle requirements.
  • The company’s technology offers a choice of REEcorner modules, each with different sizing based on platform weight, dimensions and targeted applications. Of the three platforms showcased, two feature different REEcorners that enables companies to design mission-specific EVs unrestricted by a limited choice of platforms or a single electric powertrain.
  • All REE platforms are autonomous ready and are fully compatible with any ADAS interface.
  • Multiple redundancy systems, coupled with X-by Wire control of steering, braking and drive ensure the highest possible efficiency and safety standards.

    REE’s said in a Press Release said that it is already being chosen by world-leading OEMs and mobility service providers. In August 2020, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding with global OEM Mahindra to establish a strategic collaboration for the development and production of an initial capacity of up to 250,000 electric vehicles aimed at the commercial market.

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