Magna unveils two advanced electrified propulsion systems

As automakers are working towards a zero-emissions future, as a supplier partner Magna is helping them new and innovative products.

The company recently unveiled two advanced electrified propulsion systems on ice and snow-filled test track. The first is EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system that claims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 38%.

Magna unveils two advanced electrified propulsion systems (Image Courtesy: Magna )

The other features of the product are:

  • Cloud connectivity feature that allows it to perform several new functions previously not possible.
  • It accounts for local electricity sources when charging is required and recommends a greener power option to the driver.
  • There is also an option of smart cruise control and eco routing which includes topology and traffic status to help determine the most efficient path to a destination.
  • The combination of these features with its specially-tuned operating software and controls, and its all-new dedicated hybrid transmission, enable the significant CO2 reductions.
  • Within the PHEV is Magna’s dedicated hybrid transmission with a 120-kW e-motor at its functional core.
  • The system performs in dynamic driving situations, as well as launch and reverse driving, all in electric mode. It also offers a driving range of 62 miles.

The another product is EtelligentReach, an all-electric AWD (all-wheel drive) solution with next-gen technology options including intelligent operating software and controls. The advanced technology now delivers range increase and further enhanced driving dynamics. In fact, the company claims with innovation upgrades to the software and hardware, the range is extended another 20% or more than 145 km in total when compared to existing vehicles in production.

In addition, the latest updates include an advanced decoupling function, inverters with silicon carbide technology, and a further-improved operating software, which result in advancements that will benefit all of Magna’s electric drive solutions and next-generation hybrid drives.

Source: Magna


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