Hyundai Motor and Qt developing Connected Car Operating System

Hyundai Motors has signed a partnership agreement with Qt. The software technology company will help the automaker in development of its ‘ccOS (Connected Car Operating System)’ across the In-Vehicle Infotainment System, Instrument Cluster and Rear Seat Entertainment systems.

What is ccOS?

The ccOS, developed by Hyundai, controls and operates the key aspects of connected car infrastructure; In-Vehicle Framework, Infotainment Framework and Connectivity Framework, to ensure connected cars can adapt to new innovations in safety, comfort, convenience and security.

What is role of Qt?

Qt helps automotive companies like Hyundai Motor Group to develop sophisticated technological solutions such as 3D effects and meet the challenging and fast changing automotive requirements for different domains like IVI and Cluster/HUD easily and with one code base.

Qt empowers companies to meet the increasing software market requirements driven by the exponential growth of the IoT market and the stagnant growth of available software developers.

What will be the role of Qt in the present partnership?

Hyundai Motor Group will leverage Qt Design Studio, a UI designer and development tool, to accelerate their HMI development process from prototyping to deployment.

Editor’s comments:

There is a rise in demand for innovative features in cars, and a shift is taking place to new business models focused on a software-oriented business approach. This has led the automakers to increasingly partner with software companies on connected vehicle technologies. Recently, Ford has also announced partnership with Google to expand its connected vehicle experience. The automaker will also leverage Google’s expertise in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).


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